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Brace yourself for a first impression of epic proportions. The Skali, Salti, and Sitka each welcome you with 11-foot high planked ceilings, walls built from heavy timbers in traditional form, and massive windows that meet in the corners to celebrate your view and allow your peripheral vision to wander the natural surroundings. It’s beauty you’ll feel in your heart.

These homes will appeal to your pragmatic nature as well. Your home will be built compliant to the national and relevant local building codes, including every safety and comfort feature required for four-season life in the North American wild. High R-value insulation; heat recovery ventilator; STUV wood stove with backup electric heat; propane hot water boiler; the necessities of modern life are all accounted for. Off grid? Of course! Solar power is available.

Choose your adventure.

Our artfully-crafted micro-dwellings embrace the landscape, they never challenge it. They invite the natural world in rather than defy it. They offer sophistication and luxury in a world that’s wild and untamed. Harmony. Balance. Honesty.

Skáli Cuboid

Weathered alloy. Durable and bold. Simply strong.

Featuring: 1 Bed 1 Bath 428 Sq Feet

Face the elements with daring: Skali is clad in a rich armour of weathering steel, a heavy gauge alloy made from copper, nickel and chromium. Skali is our signature model line, our designers have carefully curated the design choices, offering only select options that work in close harmony with each other.

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Sitka Cuboid

Massive rustic planks. Clean and warm. A forest treasure.

Featuring: 1 Bed 1 Bath 428 Sq Feet

Born of the woods—and at home within it. Clad in large, heavy, horizontally-oriented rustic planks, Sitka takes personalization to a whole new level. The luxury of choice is echoed by the luxury of finish, with metals, woods, stones and colours all open to your whims.

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Salti Cuboid

Bleached cedar. Smooth and cool. Kissed by the tides.

Featuring: 1 Bed 1 Bath 428 Sq Feet

When the wind and the sea conspire, Salti is created. Clad in horizontally-oriented, bleached cedar boards, the Salti embraces a sandy landscape. And invites you to embrace personalization. Fixtures, countertops, windows, and woods are open to your interpretation.

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