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Discover Salti!

Clad in cedar planks, bleached white by the Sun, Salti is reminiscent of driftwood in the sand. This model line calls to your maritime spirit, the depths of your Soul that look to the horizon for inspiration. Light as a sea breeze, this home will embrace you in its comfort and create space for your mind to soar.

Current offers from the Salti line include:

  • Cuboid, One Bedroom with 2 Lofts

Future offers from Salti will include:

  • Cuboid, Two Bedroom, Lofts and Laundry
  • Cuboid, One Bedroom, Lofts, Covered Deck and Attached Sauna
  • Your choice from any of the three Floor Plans with a Barn Roof or a Shed Roof
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  • salti_three

Choose Salti:

Cuboid, One Bedroom With 2 Lofts

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Salti Cuboid

When the wind and the sea conspire, Salti is created. Clad in horizontally-oriented, bleached cedar boards, the Salti embraces a sandy landscape. And invites you to embrace personalization. Fixtures, countertops, windows, and woods are open to your interpretation.

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bath
  • 2 Lofts
  • 428 Total Sq Footage
Standard Features
  • Brushed nickel electrical fixtures
  • White accents for your bathroom (floating toilet and sink in a floating vanity).
  • Designer series windows and doors by Andersen.
  • Wall mounted, floating toilet. White.
  • Heated bathroom floor, electric toe warmers under the kitchen sink and in master bedroom.
  • Curb-free shower with custom glass and built-in accessory niche.
  • Wood stove by Stuv, 16-cube model with firewood storage below.
  • An NPE series Navien propane boiler supplies endless Hot Water to all fixtures simultaneously.
  • A deep kitchen sink with a hand-held, pull-out faucet and adjustable spray feature.
  • Designer curated, dimmable LED lighting throughout.
  • Five-burner, 800 series cooktop from Bosch, a delight to the discerning Chef.
  • Seamlessly built-in 800 series freezer and refrigerator from Bosch. 9.6 cubic foot capacity.
  • A centrally ducted, Heat Recovery Ventilation System keeps the air balanced and fresh.
  • Recessed panels to create privacy for the Master Bedroom.
Your Choice
  • Currently, choose one bedroom with three loft spaces and one bath (428 sq feet)—however, by winter 2021 a two bedroom and one bedroom (with lofts) plus sauna and deck will be available.
  • Choose the wood species used for cabinetry, wall panels, and appliances from: Canadian Maple or modern Baltic Birch—or choose to finish your walls in bleached white wood panels.
  • Select from Maple or Birch floors and ceilings with optional white bleaching oil on the ceiling boards and grey weathering stain on the floor planks.
  • Choose from: Hemlock Timber columns (rough sawn or planed smooth, bleached white or natural finish) or Glue-Laminated Spruce columns (natural finish).
  • Select from white quartz, grey quartz, or laminated Maple countertops.
  • Exterior window claddings in white or clear anodized aluminum.
  • Brushed nickel or Champagne Bronze plumbing fixtures.
  • Choose power source—on grid, and/or solar.
  • One year of coverage on workmanship
  • Two years of coverage on mechanical systems
  • 5 years of coverage on major structural components
  • For fixtures and appliances all original manufacture product warranties will also be provided